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I have had the fortune to come across this book as my own family had to say farewell and as a mental health professional I've passed this book onto others. A must have for any counselor like myself. A++ Excellent Author & journey -- A. Cottman, professional counselor

I commend this story to you: to you relatives of the terminally ill, to you caregivers, to you clergy, to you physicians and nurses, to anyone whose life is touched by the helpless among us. This short biography of a few weeks in the life of one man [through the eyes of the author who was reporting his end of life story for a local newspaper] is one that is eminently worthwhile. In our hectic, impersonal world, here is a narrative that dramatizes the dignity of being human, a dignity which should remain with us through all circumstances, from the beginning of life right up until the very end. -- Dr. C. Stratton Hill1996 recipient of the Humanitarian award of the American Cancer Society and the author of Drug Treatment of Cancer Pain

"Goodbye, Walter"

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Final Farewell:  A journalist faces a friend's mortality in 'Goodbye, Walter' --  Lee Allen, Tucson Weekly

Getting to know RuthAnn Hogue, Maricopa Author in Residence -- Joyce Hollis, InMaricopa Magazine

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Goodbye, Walter: The Inspiring Story Of A Terminal Cancer Patient byRuthAnn Hogue is an influential biographical depiction of a struggle for life and the many barriers required for survival. Hogue's personal story will enrapture the reader in its telling of a difficult and inconceivably strenuous time for both the author and Walter Shifter, her friend dying of cancer. Goodbye, Walter is very strongly recommended for its inspirational content for readers looking to overcome their own difficult situation, as well as readers who have friends with cancer or other terminal conditions. -- Midwest Book Review

This emotional story takes the reader through the fears, questions and experiences of interacting with a person with a terminal illness. While the topic may sound heavy, the storytelling is full of life, humor and honesty that reveals a side of human existence that many of us avoid, but will inevitably have to face with a loved one. A great story for gaining a deeper understanding of the human journey that mainstream culture often tries to avoid. -- Renee Targos, International Editor/Writer

Hogue was forever changed by the experience, and so was I. -- Paul M. Howey, author Shoah: Journey from the Ashes, and Freckles: The Mystery of the Little White Dog in the Desert

I love your book.  Very touching. -- Kerry Lynn Blair, author of The Heart only Knows, and The Heart has Forever

In this intimate and personal journey, Hogue reminds us of love and faith and how they are eternally entwined.  -- Phil Alvidrez, noted television producer, MagicDust Television

RuthAnn Hogue's secret is her commanding use of specific, concrete detail. She is a master at her craft. -- Linda Shelley Whiting, historian/author of David W. Patten: Apostle and Martyr

This book is a necessary read. The story is a reaffirmation of life. -- Mark Potter, Director of Suddenly Unexpected, an MPotter Production